What is Melanin?


The word Melanin has become widely used in social media recently. It is one of those it words that people are drawn to. It sounds nice rolling off the tongue and provokes the same feeling that R&B creates in ones mind.

Melanin is a pigment in our skin, eyes, and hair that make us the black queens we are. The more or less you have determine where on the spectrum of color you are. It is all very scientific, but I believe that Melanin has another meaning.

Melanin is beauty. There is such a large spectrum of color and skin tone; such a large variety of the varying degrees of this pigmentation. We have gotten into places in the past of classifying ourselves based on how dark or light we are instead of focusing on how magical and beautiful all of our skin is.

I grew up not knowing the word melanin or other words to identify the beauty of black people. I grew up confused as how to determine how beautiful I was. In my past 25 (almost 26) years of life I can say that I have loved being unapologetically black for 3 years. That truly saddens me, but I love the growth that I have made at seeing myself as truly beautiful.

While this Blog is titled Melanin and Tea, I encourage all races and genders to read along. I think that sometimes we can focus to much on what makes us different and not what unites us.



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