Black History Month 2017

Black History Month always seems to be a time of the year, while it is the shortest month in the year, where people apologize for all that happened to black people in america. I have decided that yes it is important to know about our past and to understand and teach what really happened, but it is equally important to rise from our past.

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture last week for a members talk with the curators of the Slave and Freedom exhibit. We were able to listen to stories and choices about the direction they took in regards to the flow of the entire exhibit as well as pieces in the exhibit as well. I know everyone may not get a chance to look at the museum if you are not near DC, so I took a couple of photos from the beginning of the exhibit for you all to see.















I decided to not give a description of the images because I wanted you to have an honest reflection as to how the images made you feel. Images are so important and can tell so many different stories based on the viewer. Visiting the museum created a desire to strive to honor the memory of so many that came and survived before me. I say survived because slaves that made it here (most died on the ships here) endured through so much and I am happy to be a product of that survival.

What desire did these images give you?




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