Life Overhaul

I am not the kind of person to look back on my life and regret choices I have made. I like to think that even some of the really bad things that have happened or poor choices I have made have had an effect on my personal growth. I do feel that it comes a time when you have to look inwards and decide what direction you want your life to go in. Hobbies, Jobs, Friends, Apps on our phones, and Daily Routines are just a few things that need an overhaul every once in a while!

Now, spring cleaning your life doesn’t have to happen after a live changing event, like myself, but it does need to happen in order to propel yourself forward and give your whole live direction. As we go through life we update things around us based on who we currently are. Our clothing, music taste or exercising frequencies change throughout the year and over our life time. I’ve been applying that same need to change into other aspects of my live. These are some of the over looked facets of life that I believe need spring cleaning every once in a while and how it will benefit your overall life outlook!


By now we are aware that not all relationships will last forever. We move on and grow and life and sometimes relationships suffer because of this. From first hand experience I can tell you, your “bestie from the 7th grade may not be your bridesmaid at your wedding like you planned. Things change and people stop being apart of our lives. What we need to take a close look at are those that are still actively apart of our lives. Not only do the people you associate yourself define how others view you, but it can also change the direction of your personal growth. While some friends may seem great, you may need to take a step back and see how you have changed since meeting them and if you like that change or if you want your life to go in a different direction.

The decision to distance yourself from the people who are pulling you in a direction that you no longer desire can have a physical and mental impact on your health. I am no doctor (despite what my mother thinks!), but I have go through this friendship detox and even the simple act of spending less time with them makes you feel SO MUCH BETTER! Seriously, I am happier, have a more positive outlook on life and enjoy my days and weekends more. You can go as far as completely removing them from your life or just slightly distancing yourself from them. Either way you are allowing yourself to grow without their influence giving yourself room to grow and change the way you’d like to.

Free Time

If you are so lucky to have free moments in the day then you are very lucky. What you do with that free time says a lot about you as an individual. Do you spend that time alone, with friends, drinking, watching tv, eating? Every activity aids in the your personal development. If you aim to be healthy and fit, yet spend your free time watching a “Say Yes to the Dress” Marathon (I did this yesterday!) you aren’t going to reach your goal.

I have made an active effort to spend more of my free time doing things that I used to do all the time but brushed off because life got too busy. I am exercising more, reading again, crafting, blogging, and inspiring others. Had I not shifted to doing these activities from watching Netflix and going out and drinking with friends I probably would never have started Melanin and Tea or a Fitness Instagram!


I will be the first to say that I LOVE FOOD. I really do love everything and am willing to try almost anything. (If you have any food suggestions in D.C let me know!) It is proven that you are what you eat. Now that is obviously not a literal phrase, if so I’d be a cup of green tea and gummy bears, but indicates more that what you put into your body has an effect on  how you feel and who you are as a person. Some of us have some serious allergies and reactions to foods that we should stay away from, but for the rest of us everything is free game. Does that mean that you should go out and get a hot dog, chips, soda and a pint of ice cream? Absolutely Not! These foods are going to make you sluggish and lazy putting you further and further away from your daily goals.

Good for you foods are going to make you feel good. Fresh fruit and veg are going to give you energy to power through some of the tougher times of the day. I have incorporated 2 Liters of water into my day. Yes that is a lot of water, but it has changed my mental clarity and gives me a goal to focus on throughout the day. It also helps keep bloating at bay and makes my body feel better overall. Changing your diet from “Freshman in College” to “Successful Adult” will help drive you in the direction of personal growth and perhaps help you get rid of all of that college weight!

While I am not a doctor and can’t scientifically say that changing these things in your life every couple of months will make you a healthy person, I can say that I have done these things and feel better for having done so. I takes a strong-willed person to step back and look at your own life and make hard adjustments to make it better. In the long run it will pay off. I feel happier, have more clarity on my life, and enjoy the week and my Mondays more than I ever have.

Give it a try, spring clean your life and you may end up happier than you were before!

If you have any tips, tricks or suggestions about a life overhaul let me know, I’d love to hear from you!



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