Yes, New Friends!

I think that at any point in life we can realize that we need some new friends. Whether we went through a friend break-up, moved to a new area, or just want to add some variety to our life some new friends are always helpful! I recently broke up with some really close friends and have found myself in need of a new girl squad.

Now before you start the hunt, you need to decide what kind of friends you want. I think that it is best to look for people who are headed or currently in the direction of life you want. If you want to workout more and focus on fitness, get to the gym. You will start finding yourself surrounded by other people who are interested in the same lifestyle you are no matter how long you’ve been in it!

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

So once you know what kind of tribe you want, here are a few tips to find new friends!


While I hate dating apps more than the plague (Tinder is essentially dating hell), there are some apps that can prove pretty useful when looking for new gal pals or curl friends.

Bumble: Yes I am aware that Bumble is a dating app, but it has a BFF setting. Making it great for you to search for new friends in your area if you’ve just moved. It works on the same principles as the regular B setting but instead of showing you possible dates it shows others that are looking for friends in the area!

Hey! Vina: This app is made specifically for females to connect and find new friends around them. It starts with you taking a personality test so that you can find like-minded ladies. There are even separate communities for specific hobbies like running, bloggers, volunteers or stay at home moms! Your profile allows you to fill in details about yourself as well as asks some fun questions like “Describe Yourself in 5 Emojis”. The selection is similar to any other dating app but encourages you to meet each other. I have met two great ladies from this app and am throughly enjoying talking to new people! They even have their own WordPress VINAZINE.


The best way to meet people who you might enjoy spending more time with is by participating in activities you enjoy! Join a gym if that’s your thing or take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

I love crafting so a great way for me to meet some like-minded people is at Paper Source and their monthly crafting events. Starting filling up that empty social calendar with things you will enjoy and you will find yourself with a new group for girls night.


Now, I am typically a firm believer in not mixing work with play, but when it comes to finding some new friends it could work out. First thing is to look out side of your department or people who you already work with. While some may enjoy talking about work when you aren’t at work, I prefer to discuss other things. Keeping your work friends separate from your direct coworkers should prevent this! Secondly, start with the easiest activity first, Lunch. We all have to eat so spend lunch with a different person in the office and move from there. Maybe she will be the next Samantha to your Carrie!

Don’t be afraid to talk to and meet new people. The only way to grow is to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently! Lastly, keep in mind that some friends are around for just a season in our lives. Perhaps they are here teach us something about ourselves or perhaps they are here to stay. Either way, greet them with open arms and get excited about all the new Brunch conversations you can have in the future!


*It should go without saying, but I was not paid by any of the above companies. I downloaded or used their services on my own*


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